Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

Energy Healing Benefits of the Turquoise Ray

Now is the perfect time to take in the healing benefits of the color Turquoise! The transition into Wintertime usually sets people's immune systems in a state of energetic disarray. Now is the time to support & strengthen your immune system! The energy vibration of turquoise is your ally! Turquoise contains healing properties of both GREEN and BLUE. From a physical perspective, the energy of the green ray opens the heart center, serves to strengthen respiration & circulation and lead energy towards the thymus gland, which supports a healthy immune system. The energy of the blue ray helps clear channels to assist in deeper breathing and awakening energy in the nostrils, which offers your first line of defense in purifying the air your take in & dispelling toxins, germs, etc.

You can integrate the healing energy of Turquoise by wearing the stone on you (especially at the upper chest), meditating on & with the color and/or the most potent way absorbing its energy through your lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory & nervous systems. How do you do that? Color Aromatherapy with pure therapeutic essential oils.

My turquoise Color Aromas blend is a wise mixture of juniperberry, rosemary & peppermint oils to help stimulate your body's ability to ward off dis-ease, create healthy respiration & fortify your immune system.
Just $18 for the Chakra Oil is a small price to pay for this grand healing!
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Color Therapy is simple, enjoyable & powerful!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

The Healing Energy of Pale Blue

When you are feeling stressed, overly-anxious, overly-focused on future time and generally impatient, there is no greater color energy healer than the Pale Blue Ray. And, please, don't just take my word for it: take my stress-free challenge! Give yourself concentrated time "soaking in" the
Pale Blue Ray, either through meditating on it with your eyes open (or closed, if you have reached that mastery in color visualization), wearing more of this color, sleeping on Pale Blue sheets, drinking out of a Pale Blue glass or mug, brushing your teeth with a Pale Blue toothbrush, etc. Create a BUNCH of ways that you can get yourself focused on and dancing with this color energy & see what happens in your life experience!

The energy frequency of
Pale Blue offers a perfect balance between yellow & green, which means its color energy is all about the true personal power of the open heart and this is all about PEACE! This peace ray offers you a settling into the experience of ahhhhhhhh. It offers the vibration of a WILLINGNESS to trust, a WILLINGNESS to go with the flow, a WILLINGNESS to be free of overly focusing on past or future and rather a settling IN to the present through relaxation, calm and peaceful energy.

Here are a few
Pale Blue meditation jump-starters I hope you enjoy!

Remember, color is energy and energy is light. Are you getting in the light now?

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

Benefits of the Color Ray Violet

Are you an over-thinker? Analyzer? Problem- Solver? Do you suffer from headache tension?

Most likely you have gotten "over-charged" with the vibration of yellow-- the energy of clear productive thinking. No worries......the color violet is here to save the day & bring you back in balance.

Violet is a wavelength of light- the frequency of color that helps to cool and calm and soothe the over-active mind. I highly suggest inviting violet into your office space if you have to utilize your left brain energy often. Society over-stimulates our attention to the left brain anyway, so we have to find these wise ways to balance our nervous system & our brain hemispheres.

It's simple and enjoyable! Here's a head start:

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

Yellow Stimulates Clarity!

Feeling a bit cloudy around the edges? Having a hard time making a decision, getting clear or lifting yourself out of a depression? The Color Ray YELLOW offers all the benefits of the illumination of a candle flame.

Have you ever spent time gazing with focused attention at the flame of a candle? It's a wonderful way to tune into the energy of illumination and transmutation. Fire has this great energy around transformation & transmutation. Think of a forest fire......we can't fully appreciate its value until quite awhile afterward when the forest and soil has been replenished and new growth appears, but without forest fires new growth doesn't occur.

So, with regard to your energy system, the energy of a candle flame can help you to connect to the energy of t
he Color Ray YELLOW and the benefits it also provides. Meditating with YELLOW can stimulate your own inner fire. Visualize your mid belly and mid back filling with the warmth of the candle flame and the sunny light of the color while holding your clear intentions around what you'd like to rebirth within yourself. See the energy of the color gently melting away that which is no longer serving you feeling clear and focused, joyful and self confident. See YELLOW filling your belly like your own inner sun- supporting you feeling bright and full of clarity.

Color Energy is always available to support your own inner frequency of light! All that is required is a simple conscious connection. Thus, the name of my company, Conscious Colors.

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For the easiest and most powerful way to get the energy of YELLOW stimulating your inner energy, Buy a bottle of the Yellow Color Aromas Chakra Oil. Pure essential oils of sandlewood, lemon & bergamont support healthy digestion (on all levels-- including thoughts!) as well as lift your spirits. This blend is a natural anti-depressant and will help you stay clear and focused.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Color Energy Tip

Turquoise Supports Your Immune System!

Seasonal changes can be challenging times. As we transition into Fall, our bodymindspirit has to adjust to shorter days and a shift in energy. As the weather changes externally, our internal "weather" also shifts, but we're not always prepared or willing to go with the flow of these changes.

Color Therapy with the Turquoise Ray offers a remarkable support system for your Thymus gland, which supports a healthy strong immune system. This color ray fortifies your energy system on many levels.

The color Turquoise is a mix of the frequencies (wavelengths of source white light) Green and Blue. Green nourishes your heart muscle and lungs, while Blue offers healing calming energy to your throat, mouth and nose.

Having difficulty breathing? Color Therapy with Turquoise offers stimulating, activating and cooling light energy.

Remember, color is light.

Color is energy.

We can choose colors consciously with great intent and purpose and immerse ourselves with color energy to stay connected to and elevate with life living energy----light.

Choose TURQUOISE for a deep healing and strengthening of your immunity.

Side benefits include: a surge in creativity, better ability to communicate your heart's desires, inspiration for yourself and the ability to inspire others through your speech and creative projects!

The best way to absorb the color energy of Turquoise?

Get it running through your nervous system. How? With my Turquoise Color Aromas Chakra Oil! 1-2 drops applied on your upper chest and/or neck will allow your Thymus gland to absorb this color vibration and energy.

Enjoy lots of exposure to Turquoise this month and flow better with the Fall Season!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Color is Medicine

Energy medicine.....

OK, I'm aware that I am sooooo behind in keeping up with my blog posts, my tweets, my facebook posts, my LinkedIn account, but when I can I will share!

Color is medicine! Why take synthetic chemical concoctions and prescriptions when you can actually greatly shift your health for the better through exposure to color.

Color IS energy & energy is the foundation of who you are at your core!

Breathe your medicine.....
You can visualize each of these colors as the substance of your breath. All you need to do is give yourself a few moments of conscious attention to your breathing. Deepen your breath in whatever way feels inviting to you & imagine your breath as each color, knowing that you are sending the intention and spirit of the color to you and through you! Enjoy your journey.

Pink- love, gentleness, acceptance
Deep Red- stability, abundance, grounding
Bright Red- energy, ambition, circulation
Orange- creativity, flow, patience
Gold- wisdom, healing, centering
Yellow- clarity, confidence, joy
Green- balance, compassion, love
Turquoise- inspiration, breath, openess
Pale Blue- peace, relaxation, calming
Royal Blue- intuition, trust, clairvoyance
Deep Violet- spirituality, grounding, meditation
Pale Violet- light, freedom, exhilaration
White- protection, expansion, truth

What Color Energy Do You Need Today?
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Benefits of Color Energy Healings

Private Color Energy Healings with Constance Hart
Complete Chakra & Aura Balancing with Color, Sound & Aroma Therapies

All Sessions Include:

  • Personalized Color Therapy meditations
  • Color Aromatherapy with Color Aromas™
  • Vibrational Sound Healing with Acutonics® tuning forks
Helps shift your physical health
I’ve helped heal arthritis, digestive disorders, back pain, female reproductive challenges & more

Gives a personalized color prescription
Find out what unique combination of color energy you need today

Utilizes your sense of smell, which creates the most powerful memories in your brain

Your color aromatherapy is coupled with affirmations specific to your intentions

Frees your aura of stagnant unwanted energy vibrations
Your aura often picks up energy from other people & places that lowers your frequency of light

Re-tunes your inner scale of harmony & balance

When you have more vital energy flowing through you, your energy is in-tune and balanced

Empties your mind of doubts & fears
I provide a sacred space for you to release and let go of that which no longer serves you

Heals your spirit

Taking in the color energies in this way reminds you of the truth of who you are- light living energy!

Get clear • Heal your body • Elevate your vibration • Feel better
with exposure to the vibrations of optimal health- the sun’s rays- color energy

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Constance Hart, Owner of the Conscious Colors Energy Center, is an internationally-recognized color therapist, the pioneer of color aromatherapy in the U.S., the originator of Color Aromas™ and the developer of the Chakra Restorative Yoga™ program. She is a metaphysical instructor & color intuitive healer with over 19 years teaching experience.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Color Energy Tip

Pink is the vibration of self love, unconditional love and gentleness.

If you have a tendency to be hard on yourself- being a tough task-master, judging your body or your emotions, PINK is needed Color Therapy!
(and we all need it)

Gazing at Pink for an extended period of time, wearing pink, sleeping on pink sheets....all great ways to give yourself this vital color therapy.

Breathing its frequency in through the aromatic color of the Pink Color Aromas aromatherapy is the ideal therapeutic way of immersing your bodymindspirit in the energy of the Pink Ray.

Essential oils of pink grapefruit - lavender -palmarosa expertly blended and hand-crafted to open your heart to being gentle.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Green, Green and More Green!

Green is the color of balance & harmony! And if you are feeling out of balance between your "doing" self and your "being" self, exposure to the Green Ray can surely offer entry into the balance point in between the extremes.

Nature's original healing color Green vibrates directly in the middle of your energy system- so its energy is all about bringing your "warm" self and your "cool" self together in balance.

Your warm self?
active, outward, physical

Your cool self?
reflective, inward, meditative
Ask yourself if you feel connected to both sides of yourself & if not....

Here's an ideal meditation for this powerful

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

Exposure to the Yellow Ray will help stimulate your digestive center, also assisting you in "digesting" your thoughts- meaning processing & relating to the thoughts that are swirling around in your head!

Yellow is fantastic color energy for clarity, illumination & self confidence. Imagine the room you are in now filled with bright clear joyful yellow light and you sitting clear & confident in that energy.

Remember, Color IS Energy!

For a deeper immersion into the Yellow Ray as a healing support & force, order my Color Aromas Yellow Chakra Oil and massage into your tummy every morning.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Energy Balancing Tip

Deep Violet actually has a grounding effect on your Crown Chakra (the energy center that lies at the top/center of your head.

Utilizing the Deep Violet Color Aromas Chakra Oil at your hairline and on the scalp will serve to bring your cosmic self back to Earth. This is a perfect remedy if you feel you've been "floating in the clouds" and/or disassociating with the planet at all. People who tend to be very spiritual in nature, channelers, light bringers & light workers need a balance of DEEP RED energy & DEEP VIOLET energy to honor both dimensions: earthly & heavenly.

Get your energy remedy today!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Red Red and More Red!

Red is the color of abundance & energy!

And if you are feeling zapped by today's current economy you really do need exposure to this energy ray to keep your energy ($) circulating. As you allow your energy in the form of $ circulating, this energy ($) circulates back to you. And this is a key point in the area of trust in abundance. As you keep your energy circulating, you are releasing the energy of stagnation, waiting, WEIGHTing and lethargy from your life!

Great news.....

Here's an ideal meditation for this powerful RED RAY:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Color is Energy!

Every time you look at color you are receiving an actual vibration, a frequency of white light energy (the energy of the Sun) that affects your nervous system, your brain, your emotions and your physical body in a distinct and vital way.

Whether you are aware of it or not!

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