Thursday, July 23, 2009

Color Energy Tip

Pink is the vibration of self love, unconditional love and gentleness.

If you have a tendency to be hard on yourself- being a tough task-master, judging your body or your emotions, PINK is needed Color Therapy!
(and we all need it)

Gazing at Pink for an extended period of time, wearing pink, sleeping on pink sheets....all great ways to give yourself this vital color therapy.

Breathing its frequency in through the aromatic color of the Pink Color Aromas aromatherapy is the ideal therapeutic way of immersing your bodymindspirit in the energy of the Pink Ray.

Essential oils of pink grapefruit - lavender -palmarosa expertly blended and hand-crafted to open your heart to being gentle.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Green, Green and More Green!

Green is the color of balance & harmony! And if you are feeling out of balance between your "doing" self and your "being" self, exposure to the Green Ray can surely offer entry into the balance point in between the extremes.

Nature's original healing color Green vibrates directly in the middle of your energy system- so its energy is all about bringing your "warm" self and your "cool" self together in balance.

Your warm self?
active, outward, physical

Your cool self?
reflective, inward, meditative
Ask yourself if you feel connected to both sides of yourself & if not....

Here's an ideal meditation for this powerful

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

Exposure to the Yellow Ray will help stimulate your digestive center, also assisting you in "digesting" your thoughts- meaning processing & relating to the thoughts that are swirling around in your head!

Yellow is fantastic color energy for clarity, illumination & self confidence. Imagine the room you are in now filled with bright clear joyful yellow light and you sitting clear & confident in that energy.

Remember, Color IS Energy!

For a deeper immersion into the Yellow Ray as a healing support & force, order my Color Aromas Yellow Chakra Oil and massage into your tummy every morning.