Sunday, September 20, 2009

Color is Medicine

Energy medicine.....

OK, I'm aware that I am sooooo behind in keeping up with my blog posts, my tweets, my facebook posts, my LinkedIn account, but when I can I will share!

Color is medicine! Why take synthetic chemical concoctions and prescriptions when you can actually greatly shift your health for the better through exposure to color.

Color IS energy & energy is the foundation of who you are at your core!

Breathe your medicine.....
You can visualize each of these colors as the substance of your breath. All you need to do is give yourself a few moments of conscious attention to your breathing. Deepen your breath in whatever way feels inviting to you & imagine your breath as each color, knowing that you are sending the intention and spirit of the color to you and through you! Enjoy your journey.

Pink- love, gentleness, acceptance
Deep Red- stability, abundance, grounding
Bright Red- energy, ambition, circulation
Orange- creativity, flow, patience
Gold- wisdom, healing, centering
Yellow- clarity, confidence, joy
Green- balance, compassion, love
Turquoise- inspiration, breath, openess
Pale Blue- peace, relaxation, calming
Royal Blue- intuition, trust, clairvoyance
Deep Violet- spirituality, grounding, meditation
Pale Violet- light, freedom, exhilaration
White- protection, expansion, truth

What Color Energy Do You Need Today?
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