Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

Yellow Stimulates Clarity!

Feeling a bit cloudy around the edges? Having a hard time making a decision, getting clear or lifting yourself out of a depression? The Color Ray YELLOW offers all the benefits of the illumination of a candle flame.

Have you ever spent time gazing with focused attention at the flame of a candle? It's a wonderful way to tune into the energy of illumination and transmutation. Fire has this great energy around transformation & transmutation. Think of a forest fire......we can't fully appreciate its value until quite awhile afterward when the forest and soil has been replenished and new growth appears, but without forest fires new growth doesn't occur.

So, with regard to your energy system, the energy of a candle flame can help you to connect to the energy of t
he Color Ray YELLOW and the benefits it also provides. Meditating with YELLOW can stimulate your own inner fire. Visualize your mid belly and mid back filling with the warmth of the candle flame and the sunny light of the color while holding your clear intentions around what you'd like to rebirth within yourself. See the energy of the color gently melting away that which is no longer serving you feeling clear and focused, joyful and self confident. See YELLOW filling your belly like your own inner sun- supporting you feeling bright and full of clarity.

Color Energy is always available to support your own inner frequency of light! All that is required is a simple conscious connection. Thus, the name of my company, Conscious Colors.

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For the easiest and most powerful way to get the energy of YELLOW stimulating your inner energy, Buy a bottle of the Yellow Color Aromas Chakra Oil. Pure essential oils of sandlewood, lemon & bergamont support healthy digestion (on all levels-- including thoughts!) as well as lift your spirits. This blend is a natural anti-depressant and will help you stay clear and focused.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Color Energy Tip

Turquoise Supports Your Immune System!

Seasonal changes can be challenging times. As we transition into Fall, our bodymindspirit has to adjust to shorter days and a shift in energy. As the weather changes externally, our internal "weather" also shifts, but we're not always prepared or willing to go with the flow of these changes.

Color Therapy with the Turquoise Ray offers a remarkable support system for your Thymus gland, which supports a healthy strong immune system. This color ray fortifies your energy system on many levels.

The color Turquoise is a mix of the frequencies (wavelengths of source white light) Green and Blue. Green nourishes your heart muscle and lungs, while Blue offers healing calming energy to your throat, mouth and nose.

Having difficulty breathing? Color Therapy with Turquoise offers stimulating, activating and cooling light energy.

Remember, color is light.

Color is energy.

We can choose colors consciously with great intent and purpose and immerse ourselves with color energy to stay connected to and elevate with life living energy----light.

Choose TURQUOISE for a deep healing and strengthening of your immunity.

Side benefits include: a surge in creativity, better ability to communicate your heart's desires, inspiration for yourself and the ability to inspire others through your speech and creative projects!

The best way to absorb the color energy of Turquoise?

Get it running through your nervous system. How? With my Turquoise Color Aromas Chakra Oil! 1-2 drops applied on your upper chest and/or neck will allow your Thymus gland to absorb this color vibration and energy.

Enjoy lots of exposure to Turquoise this month and flow better with the Fall Season!
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