Monday, November 30, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

The Healing Energy of Pale Blue

When you are feeling stressed, overly-anxious, overly-focused on future time and generally impatient, there is no greater color energy healer than the Pale Blue Ray. And, please, don't just take my word for it: take my stress-free challenge! Give yourself concentrated time "soaking in" the
Pale Blue Ray, either through meditating on it with your eyes open (or closed, if you have reached that mastery in color visualization), wearing more of this color, sleeping on Pale Blue sheets, drinking out of a Pale Blue glass or mug, brushing your teeth with a Pale Blue toothbrush, etc. Create a BUNCH of ways that you can get yourself focused on and dancing with this color energy & see what happens in your life experience!

The energy frequency of
Pale Blue offers a perfect balance between yellow & green, which means its color energy is all about the true personal power of the open heart and this is all about PEACE! This peace ray offers you a settling into the experience of ahhhhhhhh. It offers the vibration of a WILLINGNESS to trust, a WILLINGNESS to go with the flow, a WILLINGNESS to be free of overly focusing on past or future and rather a settling IN to the present through relaxation, calm and peaceful energy.

Here are a few
Pale Blue meditation jump-starters I hope you enjoy!

Remember, color is energy and energy is light. Are you getting in the light now?

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

Benefits of the Color Ray Violet

Are you an over-thinker? Analyzer? Problem- Solver? Do you suffer from headache tension?

Most likely you have gotten "over-charged" with the vibration of yellow-- the energy of clear productive thinking. No worries......the color violet is here to save the day & bring you back in balance.

Violet is a wavelength of light- the frequency of color that helps to cool and calm and soothe the over-active mind. I highly suggest inviting violet into your office space if you have to utilize your left brain energy often. Society over-stimulates our attention to the left brain anyway, so we have to find these wise ways to balance our nervous system & our brain hemispheres.

It's simple and enjoyable! Here's a head start:

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