Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Color Therapy Tip

Energy Healing Benefits of the Turquoise Ray

Now is the perfect time to take in the healing benefits of the color Turquoise! The transition into Wintertime usually sets people's immune systems in a state of energetic disarray. Now is the time to support & strengthen your immune system! The energy vibration of turquoise is your ally! Turquoise contains healing properties of both GREEN and BLUE. From a physical perspective, the energy of the green ray opens the heart center, serves to strengthen respiration & circulation and lead energy towards the thymus gland, which supports a healthy immune system. The energy of the blue ray helps clear channels to assist in deeper breathing and awakening energy in the nostrils, which offers your first line of defense in purifying the air your take in & dispelling toxins, germs, etc.

You can integrate the healing energy of Turquoise by wearing the stone on you (especially at the upper chest), meditating on & with the color and/or the most potent way absorbing its energy through your lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory & nervous systems. How do you do that? Color Aromatherapy with pure therapeutic essential oils.

My turquoise Color Aromas blend is a wise mixture of juniperberry, rosemary & peppermint oils to help stimulate your body's ability to ward off dis-ease, create healthy respiration & fortify your immune system.
Just $18 for the Chakra Oil is a small price to pay for this grand healing!
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Color Therapy is simple, enjoyable & powerful!