Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Color Therapy Tip

Colors to Keep you Stress-Free During the Holidays
A reader asked me: "what is good color therapy
for the holiday season?" A great question!

Here's a brief list of some key Color Energy Healers & why it's helpful for you to stay conscious and connected to these energy vibrations:

Deep Red- vibrates slowly, which means it has a grounding and centering effect on your nervous system. Helps you stay grounded amidst chaos and confusion (the healer for airports)!!

Pale Blue- soothes and calms your nervous system. This is the great relaxant of our visible light spectrum. The peace producer! The "AHHHHHHHH, I can relax and be at ease" color.

Green- opens your heart center to others, allowing you to be more understanding, more compassionate, less judgmental and more accepting. Anyone need that around family members? Ever?! This color energy healer puts you in the vibration of equilibrium. Always helpful to balance you!

What to do with this Color Consciousness for healing benefits? Create a little color altar on a table you can visit often daily to see these 3 colors together. Write out on an index card the key point that most spoke to you (from above notes) in the color above.

The best way is to use Color Aromas aromatherapy because your sense of smell is STRONGER than your sense of sight. You will remember these suggestions of grounding, peace and openness easier if you utilize the scent of color in your daily practice.

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Remember, the colors are always here to assist your balance & harmony. All you need to do is simply be conscious of them!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Your Favorite Color & Relationships

What your Favorite Color Says About Your Relationships...

Here's a fun topic! Did you know that the color you're most attracted to is offering some insights into what type of person you're most attracted to at this time & why? It's so wonderful that our attraction to Color can give us some clues!

I'm happy to share some basic color insights with you here:

Pink- soft, gentle and loving
Deep Red- earthy, grounded, secure and stable

Bright Red- ambitious, energetic & determined

Orange- sociable, sensual and creative

Gold- soothing, present and centered

Yellow- cheery, confident and clear

Green- balanced, open and compassionate

Turquoise- communicative, inspiring and creative

Pale Blue- peaceful, relaxed and calm

Royal Blue- intuitive, insightful and psychic

Deep Violet- spiritual, trusting and meditative
Pale Violet- open, etheric and optimistic

What color are you most attracted to at this time? If you're having a hard time deciding, come see me for a Color Energy Reading & sit before the illuminated colors of yourself & you'll see!

For deeper more potent info that is specific to you and your "relationship(s) scenario,"
schedule a private Phone Reading with me & I'll channel some profound personal insights for you.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Color Therapy Tip

Breathe in Turquoise Energy to Nourish & Heal your Lungs!

The color Turquoise lies between green and blue in the visible light spectrum. It marries these 2 color frequencies & their energy personalities to bring you excellent energy!

Green opens the heart and lower lungs; Blue opens the throat, nose and upper lungs. If you are having difficulty physically breathing
, Turquoise is the color energy healer for you. This physical symptom is also a clue to where you may be having difficulty emotionally & spiritually breathing.....Hmm, what do I mean by that? Are you stuffing the expression of your emotions? Are you detached from your inner spiritual voice?

Turquoise is a color of INSPIRATION (notice the similarity to the word RESPIRATION). IN Webster's dictionary INSPIRE means "breathe in, inhale" Isn't that interesting? The 2nd definition is " instil thought or feeling into." We are so wise! And so is the color energy!

Exposure to Turquoise helps to elevate the energy of your Heart Chakra's theme (open, space, balance, love) to the High Heart Chakra's theme (expressing your heart's desires and inspiration).

What are you inspiring right now in your life? What would you like to birth through the inspiration of your heart and soul? Where are you holding back your expression and creativity?

You can create new energy around your creativity and creative expression with the Turquoise Energy Ray.

Come take my August Chakra Class in Los Angeles (August 1st) to experience aq deep healing and rejuvenation for your High Heart Chakra.

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Enjoy the most profound healing with the color Turquoise with my Color Aromas line, which brings the frequency of color right into your body's organs, glands, nervous system & more!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Color Therapy Tip

Create a Relationship with the Green Ray to Balance Your Relationships!

The Color Energy of Green is the opposite of Red on the color wheel, meaning they are complements to each other-- balance energies.

Whenever your key focus is on yourself: your body, your diet, your energy, your activities, your exercise regimine, your money, your home... (you get the idea!)...you are vibrating more with the Red Ray. This isn't a "bad" thing, it's just your vibrational color reality at the time. If your desire is to manifest a new relationship, a lover, a partner or improve any relationship in your life, your being is "asking for the Green Ray to balance the "me-me-me" reality with a little "you-you-you" energy. Or better yet stated "me-you, me-you, me-you!"

The Color Energy of Green lies directly in the middle of the visible color spectrum which means its inherent energy is truly all about balance. It is one part cool energy & one part warm. With the above awareness in mind, you can now think of The Green Ray as one part me and one part you. Exposure to Green when you are feeling lonely is wise, too. It's vibration helps to open your heart center to the qualities of spaciousness, compassion, open-heartedness and generosity.

Visually looking at Green offers a start, but since your sense of smell is your strongest sense, I highly suggest interacting with the scent of the Green Ray. How to do that? My Color Aromas color aromatherapy line! The most powerful way to be positively affected by color- through your sense of smell.

Enjoy the
Green Aura Mister to put the energy of balance in your etheric field and any room. Apply the Green Chakra Oil on your chest & upper back to positively affect your nervous system while breathing in the balancing aroma of rosewood, geranium & spruce oils.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Color Therapy Tip

Meditate with the Pale Violet Ray!

The color energy of Pale Violet is calming and cooling to the nervous system and mind- energetically it is opposite of Yellow on the color wheel, meaning in the visible spectrum of light it offers the balancing force to the warming yellow ray.

I invite you to call upon the healing properties of
Pale Violet when you are feeling stressed with problem solving and/or analytical thinking. I've been calling Pale Violet "the get out of your head and into the light color" for years. Now you can too! Imagine a halo above your head in this soft soothing hue and also visualize your Solar Plexus Chakra (inner energy wheel located in the mid belly- mid back area) filling with this cooling energy. If you are physically over-heated this is the healer for you, but also, if you are emotionally & psychologically "over-heated" call upon Pale Violet.

Visualizing the color internally may prove challenging, so practice by placing a sheet of pale violet paper in front of you and gaze, eyes open, in 2 minute intervals (set a timer). When your eyes are closed, focus their inner gaze lightly on the space between your eyebrows and set the intention to see the
Pale Violet hue internally. Just keep practicing and inviting the color energy in and eventually you will. Important note-- let it come in its own timing. It may take minutes, days, weeks, months, etc. Just observe without expectation on the timing & a simple intention to "get out of your head & into the light." Enjoy!

The most effective way to let the Pale Violet ray into your being? Through your most powerful sense: your sense of smell. ANY suggestion, thought, intention & desired change you focus on while smelling the aroma of Pale Violet will be lodged deeply into your limbic brain- the part of your brain that feels, senses and knows at the deepest level.

I created the Color Aromas
Pale Violet blend to give you the deep sense & properties of the
Pale Violet
ray: peppermint (exhileration), patchouli (stress relief) and clary sage (freedom).

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Color Energy Tip

The Color Orange- the miracle healer!

OK, there I said it, yes I did! For the 12 years I've been consciously working with color therapy, I have noticed a few extra special things about the Orange Ray. So, today I am calling it "the miracle healer."

Do you find yourself having a difficult time with impatience? Control issues? Rigidity? Anxiety about the past or the future? An in ability to be in the moment? Blockages & issues around your sexuality?
Good news: the Orange Ray is your natural ally!

The color Orange lies between red and yellow in the visible spectrum and because of this it shares some of these 2 colors' energetic "personalities" and actual frequencies. To get a sense of some of the color Orange's energy, we can look at red & yellow for clues. Red is the slowest moving frequency of white light, so it can provide grounding, yet it also connects your energy system to the sensation of being alive and en. Yellow offers clarity and discernment. When blended together, the expression becomes more about being present and flowing in the moment.

Meditating with the orange ray, wearing orange (so that you have more exposure to it), and visualizing your breath as orange light are all helpful ways to
reap the rewards of this Color Therapy.

Here are a few images to get you started on your path to being present in the moment & going with the flow:

If you're interested in having a deeper experience of the color energy healing benefits of the Orange Ray, be sure to get a Color Aromas Orange Chakra Oil with pure essential oils of tangerine, parchouli & ylang ylang. This aromatic color offers a quick and effective way of brining the vibration of the orange ray to your nervous system. Effects include feeling blissful, sensual, creative and in the moment!

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