Friday, January 8, 2010

Color Energy Tip

The Color Orange- the miracle healer!

OK, there I said it, yes I did! For the 12 years I've been consciously working with color therapy, I have noticed a few extra special things about the Orange Ray. So, today I am calling it "the miracle healer."

Do you find yourself having a difficult time with impatience? Control issues? Rigidity? Anxiety about the past or the future? An in ability to be in the moment? Blockages & issues around your sexuality?
Good news: the Orange Ray is your natural ally!

The color Orange lies between red and yellow in the visible spectrum and because of this it shares some of these 2 colors' energetic "personalities" and actual frequencies. To get a sense of some of the color Orange's energy, we can look at red & yellow for clues. Red is the slowest moving frequency of white light, so it can provide grounding, yet it also connects your energy system to the sensation of being alive and en. Yellow offers clarity and discernment. When blended together, the expression becomes more about being present and flowing in the moment.

Meditating with the orange ray, wearing orange (so that you have more exposure to it), and visualizing your breath as orange light are all helpful ways to
reap the rewards of this Color Therapy.

Here are a few images to get you started on your path to being present in the moment & going with the flow:

If you're interested in having a deeper experience of the color energy healing benefits of the Orange Ray, be sure to get a Color Aromas Orange Chakra Oil with pure essential oils of tangerine, parchouli & ylang ylang. This aromatic color offers a quick and effective way of brining the vibration of the orange ray to your nervous system. Effects include feeling blissful, sensual, creative and in the moment!

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