Thursday, February 4, 2010

Color Therapy Tip

Meditate with the Pale Violet Ray!

The color energy of Pale Violet is calming and cooling to the nervous system and mind- energetically it is opposite of Yellow on the color wheel, meaning in the visible spectrum of light it offers the balancing force to the warming yellow ray.

I invite you to call upon the healing properties of
Pale Violet when you are feeling stressed with problem solving and/or analytical thinking. I've been calling Pale Violet "the get out of your head and into the light color" for years. Now you can too! Imagine a halo above your head in this soft soothing hue and also visualize your Solar Plexus Chakra (inner energy wheel located in the mid belly- mid back area) filling with this cooling energy. If you are physically over-heated this is the healer for you, but also, if you are emotionally & psychologically "over-heated" call upon Pale Violet.

Visualizing the color internally may prove challenging, so practice by placing a sheet of pale violet paper in front of you and gaze, eyes open, in 2 minute intervals (set a timer). When your eyes are closed, focus their inner gaze lightly on the space between your eyebrows and set the intention to see the
Pale Violet hue internally. Just keep practicing and inviting the color energy in and eventually you will. Important note-- let it come in its own timing. It may take minutes, days, weeks, months, etc. Just observe without expectation on the timing & a simple intention to "get out of your head & into the light." Enjoy!

The most effective way to let the Pale Violet ray into your being? Through your most powerful sense: your sense of smell. ANY suggestion, thought, intention & desired change you focus on while smelling the aroma of Pale Violet will be lodged deeply into your limbic brain- the part of your brain that feels, senses and knows at the deepest level.

I created the Color Aromas
Pale Violet blend to give you the deep sense & properties of the
Pale Violet
ray: peppermint (exhileration), patchouli (stress relief) and clary sage (freedom).

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Chakra Oil for application on the body to affect your inner energy centers, Aura Mister around your body, to affect your electromagnetic field.

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