Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Color Therapy Tip

Create a Relationship with the Green Ray to Balance Your Relationships!

The Color Energy of Green is the opposite of Red on the color wheel, meaning they are complements to each other-- balance energies.

Whenever your key focus is on yourself: your body, your diet, your energy, your activities, your exercise regimine, your money, your home... (you get the idea!)...you are vibrating more with the Red Ray. This isn't a "bad" thing, it's just your vibrational color reality at the time. If your desire is to manifest a new relationship, a lover, a partner or improve any relationship in your life, your being is "asking for the Green Ray to balance the "me-me-me" reality with a little "you-you-you" energy. Or better yet stated "me-you, me-you, me-you!"

The Color Energy of Green lies directly in the middle of the visible color spectrum which means its inherent energy is truly all about balance. It is one part cool energy & one part warm. With the above awareness in mind, you can now think of The Green Ray as one part me and one part you. Exposure to Green when you are feeling lonely is wise, too. It's vibration helps to open your heart center to the qualities of spaciousness, compassion, open-heartedness and generosity.

Visually looking at Green offers a start, but since your sense of smell is your strongest sense, I highly suggest interacting with the scent of the Green Ray. How to do that? My Color Aromas color aromatherapy line! The most powerful way to be positively affected by color- through your sense of smell.

Enjoy the
Green Aura Mister to put the energy of balance in your etheric field and any room. Apply the Green Chakra Oil on your chest & upper back to positively affect your nervous system while breathing in the balancing aroma of rosewood, geranium & spruce oils.

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