Friday, July 23, 2010

Color Therapy Tip

Breathe in Turquoise Energy to Nourish & Heal your Lungs!

The color Turquoise lies between green and blue in the visible light spectrum. It marries these 2 color frequencies & their energy personalities to bring you excellent energy!

Green opens the heart and lower lungs; Blue opens the throat, nose and upper lungs. If you are having difficulty physically breathing
, Turquoise is the color energy healer for you. This physical symptom is also a clue to where you may be having difficulty emotionally & spiritually breathing.....Hmm, what do I mean by that? Are you stuffing the expression of your emotions? Are you detached from your inner spiritual voice?

Turquoise is a color of INSPIRATION (notice the similarity to the word RESPIRATION). IN Webster's dictionary INSPIRE means "breathe in, inhale" Isn't that interesting? The 2nd definition is " instil thought or feeling into." We are so wise! And so is the color energy!

Exposure to Turquoise helps to elevate the energy of your Heart Chakra's theme (open, space, balance, love) to the High Heart Chakra's theme (expressing your heart's desires and inspiration).

What are you inspiring right now in your life? What would you like to birth through the inspiration of your heart and soul? Where are you holding back your expression and creativity?

You can create new energy around your creativity and creative expression with the Turquoise Energy Ray.

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