Monday, October 4, 2010

Your Favorite Color & Relationships

What your Favorite Color Says About Your Relationships...

Here's a fun topic! Did you know that the color you're most attracted to is offering some insights into what type of person you're most attracted to at this time & why? It's so wonderful that our attraction to Color can give us some clues!

I'm happy to share some basic color insights with you here:

Pink- soft, gentle and loving
Deep Red- earthy, grounded, secure and stable

Bright Red- ambitious, energetic & determined

Orange- sociable, sensual and creative

Gold- soothing, present and centered

Yellow- cheery, confident and clear

Green- balanced, open and compassionate

Turquoise- communicative, inspiring and creative

Pale Blue- peaceful, relaxed and calm

Royal Blue- intuitive, insightful and psychic

Deep Violet- spiritual, trusting and meditative
Pale Violet- open, etheric and optimistic

What color are you most attracted to at this time? If you're having a hard time deciding, come see me for a Color Energy Reading & sit before the illuminated colors of yourself & you'll see!

For deeper more potent info that is specific to you and your "relationship(s) scenario,"
schedule a private Phone Reading with me & I'll channel some profound personal insights for you.

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