Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Color Therapy Tip

Colors to Keep you Stress-Free During the Holidays
A reader asked me: "what is good color therapy
for the holiday season?" A great question!

Here's a brief list of some key Color Energy Healers & why it's helpful for you to stay conscious and connected to these energy vibrations:

Deep Red- vibrates slowly, which means it has a grounding and centering effect on your nervous system. Helps you stay grounded amidst chaos and confusion (the healer for airports)!!

Pale Blue- soothes and calms your nervous system. This is the great relaxant of our visible light spectrum. The peace producer! The "AHHHHHHHH, I can relax and be at ease" color.

Green- opens your heart center to others, allowing you to be more understanding, more compassionate, less judgmental and more accepting. Anyone need that around family members? Ever?! This color energy healer puts you in the vibration of equilibrium. Always helpful to balance you!

What to do with this Color Consciousness for healing benefits? Create a little color altar on a table you can visit often daily to see these 3 colors together. Write out on an index card the key point that most spoke to you (from above notes) in the color above.

The best way is to use Color Aromas aromatherapy because your sense of smell is STRONGER than your sense of sight. You will remember these suggestions of grounding, peace and openness easier if you utilize the scent of color in your daily practice.

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Remember, the colors are always here to assist your balance & harmony. All you need to do is simply be conscious of them!

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