Monday, October 10, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Royal Blue Energy to Balance your Brain!

Each color is a vibration, a frequency, a wavelength of light that moves at a particular rate- some slower and some faster. These vibrations of light affect our inner being in a very distinct way. So, what's perfect is that each color ray has a very specific benefit for your body, depending upon its particular vibration of energy. Nature is so wonderful!

Royal Blue (better depicted in the images below) is the frequency of light that helps the brain re-orient itself from left brain dominance to right brain dominance. It really is the #1 color ray we all need right now for overall balance!

Left brain dominance is mainly experienced as a reliance on analytical thinking, yet it can also reveal itself in other aspects of your life and manifest as over-activity, not enough rest and persistent headache tension and eye strain.

Right brain dominance reveals an attention to feelings, senses and intuition. Some of the benefits include, of course, trusting your "inner voice" and making decisions based on feelings as well as information and stats.

Can you imagine your head getting "over-heated?!" Well, consider the symptoms of a headache or eye strain as just that.
Maybe you even relate to being a "hot head?" Energetically, you then need a cooling ray to cool the heat. Royal Blue color energy offers just the fix.

How to get more of this important energy in your life?
Basic meditation on the color is the simplest way.

The most powerful way is to infuse your body with it.
The Color Aromas Royal Blue Chakra Oil is the best way because your skin is your largest organ (you massage it on your forehead to penetrate quickly and effectively into your circulatory system) and your sense of smell is your strongest sense! When you inhale the scent of color, you receive the healing benefit directly into the brain and nervous system.

Say the affirmations " I am Intuitive. I rely on my right brain to make decisions. I enjoy a relaxed mind. My eyes can relax now." while breathing in the
Royal Blue light!

Enjoy these meditative images:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Enjoy the Pink Ray to Enjoy Yourself

is the color of gentleness, acceptance, loving kindness and self love.

If you are not enjoying yourself, your body, your emotions, your experience, exposure to the
Pink Ray is truly "Color Therapy 101." This REALLY is the ray to start with to shift your personal foundation. If you can be gentle and self-loving you can be a true receiver of love from the planet and other people!

Did you know that your energetic foundation vibrates in accordance/alignment with the frequency of the red ray? Pink is just a lighter version of the color red and offers you a "lighter version" of yourself...especially when you are being "hard" on yourself. Learning to be more gentle and accepting of your unique body, your unique emotions, your unique life path is easier if you have the color PINK on you, in you and around you!

Exposure to the color pink helps to ease the qualities of agitation, frustration and aggression, which tend to get over-exaggerated when your inner being is not in balance vibrationally & energetically with the frequency of the color red. Each color is holding a mirror reflection of frequencies that your inner being is vibrating with/in, whether you're aware of it or not. This is simple science! So, if you can begin to think of yourself as a vibrating mass of energy, then you can begin to understand that every cell within you vibrates at a particular frequency and these combinations of frequency and vibration we know externally as color. Color Therapy is always a simple enjoyable way to re-tune your inner (and outer) frequencies to the purest vibration available-- white light.

Enjoy these images to attune to the energy vibration of the color Pink and all the while say to yourself "I love my uniqueness. I love myself exactly as I am. I am willing to be gentle with my thoughts today. I enjoy deepening into loving kindness."

For an even deeper more powerful shift, use the Color Aromas pink Chakra Oil on your hands, chest and feet and spritz the Color Aromas pink Aura Mister in your electromagnetic field to provide the pink frequency of light to your inner & outer being.
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Color Therapy Tip

Enjoy the Pink Ray to Enjoy Yourself

Monday, May 9, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Does Color Therapy Work?

Now you've asked a question I really adore answering! Of course!

Here's why: When you give yourself conscious exposure to color you are basically giving yourself exposure to light frequencies. When you give yourself exposure to light frequencies you are giving yourself exposure to the vibrating essence of who you really are at your core- beyond physical matter and mass! You ARE vibrating energy frequency underneath "it" all.

Now there's a difference in the therapeutic benefits and results with various forms of chromotherapy - color therapy - color aroma therapy and more!

Looking at color with your eyes is a basic way to receive the energy healing that is possible from exposure to the color rays, but I call that a more "superficial" way, as your eyes are merely interpreting the color. When you receive the vibrations of color through your sense of smell, however, you are more directly, effectively and efficiently nourishing your nervous system with the energy frequencies of color, because your olfactory system provides the strongest quickest relay system to your limbic brain (the part of your brain that remembers, feels, sense and knows). Utilizing essential oils aromatherapy and in particular, COLOR aroma therapy is the most powerful way I've discovered to create powerful physical and mental shifts!

When you are connecting and engaging and focusing on/with COLOR, you are giving yourself an opportunity to receive the various wavelengths & vibrations that comprise prana or chi (light living energy). This is the energy that you "see" when you experience a rainbow in the sky. This is the vibrant living energy of sunlight, which as hue-mans is our TRUE vital energy source.

You feed yourself food for energy and aliveness, but what is at the core of that food? Your food was first and foremost fed through the vibratory essence of sunlight. When we utilize essential oils we are accessing the heart and soul of plants & flowers. The oil is the most potent part of the plant and this is the part of the plant/flower that holds the direct vibrations of the sun!

I was fortunate to study COLOR aromatherapy, and thus, tune in to which flowers and plants hold particular color energies as their essence and then create the unique Color Aromas line so that we can all annoint the body and surround the aura in the color frequencies we need for optimal health and wellness!

Every color has an "energy" message! Every color has a distinct vibrational healing benefit for the body. When you engage with color it's really as if you are seeing a part of your energetic self being reflected back to you. As you come to know the energies of the colors, you will truly come to know yourself- your energy "personalities" and needs.

Each of these color vibrations wants to radiate in different areas of your body and when they all combine you emit and vibrate in the energy of pure white light.
This seems like a spiritual perspective (and of course it is), but what you need to know is that this is a physical (grounded in science) perspective as well! We are more than just matter and mass.....we are energy & when you begin to understand that what energy REALLY COLOR, you can being to embrace Color Therapy & experience a GREATLY enhanced life experience!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy for Flowing with Mercury Retrograde

Have you heard about Mercury Retrograde? It's a 3 week period where the planet Mercury seems to be flowing in a backwards motion. The planet Mercury governs our human qualities of communication and technology. There is much evidence that when Mercury is Retrograde, computers, telephones and human communication seems to go awry.

For those of us who are consciously exploring energy, this is simply a time for GREATER ENERGY AWARENESS!

This does NOT need to be a negative, challenging time period. When you harness the POSITIVE qualities of Mercury Retrograde you are poised to create some really wonderful energy for yourself.

Here are the clues to the energy & the COLORS I highly recommend you stay aligned with to ease yourself through this 3 week period.

BTW- This month it starts March 30th, 2011. ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY INTO THE "RE"......
TYPICAL RETROGRADE ENERGIES: review revisit renew rejuvenate restore re-align reasess reflection get it? RE-tro.... So, this is NOT a time to start something new, sign contracts, move forward with a new plan. It is a time to PREPARE for such, Our Mental Energy is Heightened by the planet Mercury.

Gold- helps you feel centered in patience

Orange- helps you release control and flow with change

Royal Blue- helps you tune into your intuition and quiet your analytical mind

Pale Violet- helps you get out of your own way!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy for Self Love

With Valentine's Day approaching it's easy to get overly focused on relationships and certainly whether "you're in one or not." Well, you're always in a relationship.......the relationship with yourself!

Oh, now I can hear/feel some of your responses: " this gonna be another sermon about how I have to love myself before I love someone else?" Sort of, but only because I've learned how this relationship works, and I'm happy to share some insights here. It's really simple math.....energetically.

The vibrational laws of the Universe teach us that
Like Attracts Like. So, how can you attract a wonderful partner if you're not feeling wonderful within the self? In order to be an "attracting magnet" to a relationship you have to have a relationship with SELF first. Notice I didn't actually say a loving relationship with self. This is because you're always attracting on the outside (whether you're aware of it or not) what type of relationship you're in with yourself. If you are consistently feeling at odds with yourself you will tend to attract relationships externally that feel "off." If you are finding some level of self acceptance and love on the inside you're in a better "energetic zone" to attract a more loving relationship on the outside.

The good news is this: you can look at this in "reverse" so that you don't feel perhaps so stressed. Just allow yourself to see what is happening "on the outside" as a CLUE to what might need a little adjusting "on the inside." If you are not in a satisfying relationship it's not that you've done anything "wrong," you're just being given an OPPORTUNITY to see where you might want to engage in some inner adjusting to experience a different result on the outside!~

Here's the FUN and POWERFUL part! Your being is comprised of energy. AND How you are vibrating is a magnet to what you're attracting. Your vibration is created by your
actual frequency, as much as your thoughts. So while you are exploring the realm of your thoughts and taking a few steps to feed yourself some positive thoughts (because they change your vibration for the better!), be sure to fill your being up with the actual ENERGY frequencies that will raise your vibration to that of love!

Color Energies that will help create this dynamic shift:

PINK- it is the softest version of your foundational energy
DEEP RED- it anchors you in your own self-directed energy flow
GREEN- it opens your heart center to a relationship with the environment (including other people!)

How to Get These Energies Circulating Through Your Inner Being:

Color Aromas Chakra Oils applied ON YOUR SKIN (the largest organ in your body) so that these energy frequencies can penetrate your lymph & circulatory systems to affect your nervous system (thus your mind) positively!
Also, create a loving environment to live in (energetically in your aura & physically in your home) by misting Color Aromas Aura Misters.

Try these colors to shift your inner AND outer relationships by February 14th! Enjoy....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy to Help Increase Self Confidence

We're halfway through January & I've already worked with a lot of clients. One thing I've noticed over the years is that there DO seem to be themes in the collective consciousness. The theme I'm hearing about is: self confidence. Perhaps it's because so many people are evolving rapidly- shifting positively in areas of their lives that they have long wanted change around. Perhaps it's because the energetic climate of the cosmos is ideal right now for positive leaps around self confidence! Whatever the case, conditions are good for you & your self confidence if YOU so choose......

YOU are the key to your self confidence. I know that sound as basic as basic can be, but it actually goes a bit deeper. The key to developing your self confidence is YOU having energy for and towards and supporting YOU. When you master this, you will feel safer and more secure in letting your unique personality come out and shine.

At your base, your foundation of you in physical-spiritual form is your root chakra (below the tailbone governing hands, legs, feet)- an inner energy center which provides your inner being with a deep sense of being safe and secure, stable and alive on the planet. This is your first energy connection to yourself in physical form. The color energy match to its vibration is
Deep Red. Exposure and interaction with this color will, over time, help you to feel more grounded and rooted in who you are.

Next, let's bring focus into your heart chakra (governing upper chest, arms & back). When this energy center is healthy it allows you to feel comfortable sharing yourself with others & the environment. The color energy match is
Green and engaging with this color can help you to feel more comfortable in expanding your self-directed energy out towards others.

These 2 energy centers and their coordinating colors are super important potent allies to your confidence. You do have a chakra internally that is related to confidence and that is your solar plexus chakra governing the mid section of your body, but where I see the most challenges with people attempting to access self confidence is with these 2 important chakras: The root (self directed) and The heart (others-directed). If you can start breathing awareness, intention and positive thoughts with the colors
Deep Red & Green you'll be making a great head start into feeling more secure & more open with bringing your unique personality out into the world.

Enjoy your exploration!

Start using the Color Aromas for the most potent way to experience color as an energy source.

Your sense of smell, hands down, is your strongest sense and when you couple an intention with the SCENT of color you are way ahead in shifting your energy for the better!
Deep Red Chakra Oil on hands, feet, calves, knees
Green Aura Mister in your auric field & rooms in your home

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