Saturday, January 15, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy to Help Increase Self Confidence

We're halfway through January & I've already worked with a lot of clients. One thing I've noticed over the years is that there DO seem to be themes in the collective consciousness. The theme I'm hearing about is: self confidence. Perhaps it's because so many people are evolving rapidly- shifting positively in areas of their lives that they have long wanted change around. Perhaps it's because the energetic climate of the cosmos is ideal right now for positive leaps around self confidence! Whatever the case, conditions are good for you & your self confidence if YOU so choose......

YOU are the key to your self confidence. I know that sound as basic as basic can be, but it actually goes a bit deeper. The key to developing your self confidence is YOU having energy for and towards and supporting YOU. When you master this, you will feel safer and more secure in letting your unique personality come out and shine.

At your base, your foundation of you in physical-spiritual form is your root chakra (below the tailbone governing hands, legs, feet)- an inner energy center which provides your inner being with a deep sense of being safe and secure, stable and alive on the planet. This is your first energy connection to yourself in physical form. The color energy match to its vibration is
Deep Red. Exposure and interaction with this color will, over time, help you to feel more grounded and rooted in who you are.

Next, let's bring focus into your heart chakra (governing upper chest, arms & back). When this energy center is healthy it allows you to feel comfortable sharing yourself with others & the environment. The color energy match is
Green and engaging with this color can help you to feel more comfortable in expanding your self-directed energy out towards others.

These 2 energy centers and their coordinating colors are super important potent allies to your confidence. You do have a chakra internally that is related to confidence and that is your solar plexus chakra governing the mid section of your body, but where I see the most challenges with people attempting to access self confidence is with these 2 important chakras: The root (self directed) and The heart (others-directed). If you can start breathing awareness, intention and positive thoughts with the colors
Deep Red & Green you'll be making a great head start into feeling more secure & more open with bringing your unique personality out into the world.

Enjoy your exploration!

Start using the Color Aromas for the most potent way to experience color as an energy source.

Your sense of smell, hands down, is your strongest sense and when you couple an intention with the SCENT of color you are way ahead in shifting your energy for the better!
Deep Red Chakra Oil on hands, feet, calves, knees
Green Aura Mister in your auric field & rooms in your home

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