Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy for Self Love

With Valentine's Day approaching it's easy to get overly focused on relationships and certainly whether "you're in one or not." Well, you're always in a relationship.......the relationship with yourself!

Oh, now I can hear/feel some of your responses: " this gonna be another sermon about how I have to love myself before I love someone else?" Sort of, but only because I've learned how this relationship works, and I'm happy to share some insights here. It's really simple math.....energetically.

The vibrational laws of the Universe teach us that
Like Attracts Like. So, how can you attract a wonderful partner if you're not feeling wonderful within the self? In order to be an "attracting magnet" to a relationship you have to have a relationship with SELF first. Notice I didn't actually say a loving relationship with self. This is because you're always attracting on the outside (whether you're aware of it or not) what type of relationship you're in with yourself. If you are consistently feeling at odds with yourself you will tend to attract relationships externally that feel "off." If you are finding some level of self acceptance and love on the inside you're in a better "energetic zone" to attract a more loving relationship on the outside.

The good news is this: you can look at this in "reverse" so that you don't feel perhaps so stressed. Just allow yourself to see what is happening "on the outside" as a CLUE to what might need a little adjusting "on the inside." If you are not in a satisfying relationship it's not that you've done anything "wrong," you're just being given an OPPORTUNITY to see where you might want to engage in some inner adjusting to experience a different result on the outside!~

Here's the FUN and POWERFUL part! Your being is comprised of energy. AND How you are vibrating is a magnet to what you're attracting. Your vibration is created by your
actual frequency, as much as your thoughts. So while you are exploring the realm of your thoughts and taking a few steps to feed yourself some positive thoughts (because they change your vibration for the better!), be sure to fill your being up with the actual ENERGY frequencies that will raise your vibration to that of love!

Color Energies that will help create this dynamic shift:

PINK- it is the softest version of your foundational energy
DEEP RED- it anchors you in your own self-directed energy flow
GREEN- it opens your heart center to a relationship with the environment (including other people!)

How to Get These Energies Circulating Through Your Inner Being:

Color Aromas Chakra Oils applied ON YOUR SKIN (the largest organ in your body) so that these energy frequencies can penetrate your lymph & circulatory systems to affect your nervous system (thus your mind) positively!
Also, create a loving environment to live in (energetically in your aura & physically in your home) by misting Color Aromas Aura Misters.

Try these colors to shift your inner AND outer relationships by February 14th! Enjoy....