Monday, May 9, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Does Color Therapy Work?

Now you've asked a question I really adore answering! Of course!

Here's why: When you give yourself conscious exposure to color you are basically giving yourself exposure to light frequencies. When you give yourself exposure to light frequencies you are giving yourself exposure to the vibrating essence of who you really are at your core- beyond physical matter and mass! You ARE vibrating energy frequency underneath "it" all.

Now there's a difference in the therapeutic benefits and results with various forms of chromotherapy - color therapy - color aroma therapy and more!

Looking at color with your eyes is a basic way to receive the energy healing that is possible from exposure to the color rays, but I call that a more "superficial" way, as your eyes are merely interpreting the color. When you receive the vibrations of color through your sense of smell, however, you are more directly, effectively and efficiently nourishing your nervous system with the energy frequencies of color, because your olfactory system provides the strongest quickest relay system to your limbic brain (the part of your brain that remembers, feels, sense and knows). Utilizing essential oils aromatherapy and in particular, COLOR aroma therapy is the most powerful way I've discovered to create powerful physical and mental shifts!

When you are connecting and engaging and focusing on/with COLOR, you are giving yourself an opportunity to receive the various wavelengths & vibrations that comprise prana or chi (light living energy). This is the energy that you "see" when you experience a rainbow in the sky. This is the vibrant living energy of sunlight, which as hue-mans is our TRUE vital energy source.

You feed yourself food for energy and aliveness, but what is at the core of that food? Your food was first and foremost fed through the vibratory essence of sunlight. When we utilize essential oils we are accessing the heart and soul of plants & flowers. The oil is the most potent part of the plant and this is the part of the plant/flower that holds the direct vibrations of the sun!

I was fortunate to study COLOR aromatherapy, and thus, tune in to which flowers and plants hold particular color energies as their essence and then create the unique Color Aromas line so that we can all annoint the body and surround the aura in the color frequencies we need for optimal health and wellness!

Every color has an "energy" message! Every color has a distinct vibrational healing benefit for the body. When you engage with color it's really as if you are seeing a part of your energetic self being reflected back to you. As you come to know the energies of the colors, you will truly come to know yourself- your energy "personalities" and needs.

Each of these color vibrations wants to radiate in different areas of your body and when they all combine you emit and vibrate in the energy of pure white light.
This seems like a spiritual perspective (and of course it is), but what you need to know is that this is a physical (grounded in science) perspective as well! We are more than just matter and mass.....we are energy & when you begin to understand that what energy REALLY COLOR, you can being to embrace Color Therapy & experience a GREATLY enhanced life experience!

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