Monday, June 6, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Enjoy the Pink Ray to Enjoy Yourself

is the color of gentleness, acceptance, loving kindness and self love.

If you are not enjoying yourself, your body, your emotions, your experience, exposure to the
Pink Ray is truly "Color Therapy 101." This REALLY is the ray to start with to shift your personal foundation. If you can be gentle and self-loving you can be a true receiver of love from the planet and other people!

Did you know that your energetic foundation vibrates in accordance/alignment with the frequency of the red ray? Pink is just a lighter version of the color red and offers you a "lighter version" of yourself...especially when you are being "hard" on yourself. Learning to be more gentle and accepting of your unique body, your unique emotions, your unique life path is easier if you have the color PINK on you, in you and around you!

Exposure to the color pink helps to ease the qualities of agitation, frustration and aggression, which tend to get over-exaggerated when your inner being is not in balance vibrationally & energetically with the frequency of the color red. Each color is holding a mirror reflection of frequencies that your inner being is vibrating with/in, whether you're aware of it or not. This is simple science! So, if you can begin to think of yourself as a vibrating mass of energy, then you can begin to understand that every cell within you vibrates at a particular frequency and these combinations of frequency and vibration we know externally as color. Color Therapy is always a simple enjoyable way to re-tune your inner (and outer) frequencies to the purest vibration available-- white light.

Enjoy these images to attune to the energy vibration of the color Pink and all the while say to yourself "I love my uniqueness. I love myself exactly as I am. I am willing to be gentle with my thoughts today. I enjoy deepening into loving kindness."

For an even deeper more powerful shift, use the Color Aromas pink Chakra Oil on your hands, chest and feet and spritz the Color Aromas pink Aura Mister in your electromagnetic field to provide the pink frequency of light to your inner & outer being.
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