Monday, October 10, 2011

Color Therapy Tip

Royal Blue Energy to Balance your Brain!

Each color is a vibration, a frequency, a wavelength of light that moves at a particular rate- some slower and some faster. These vibrations of light affect our inner being in a very distinct way. So, what's perfect is that each color ray has a very specific benefit for your body, depending upon its particular vibration of energy. Nature is so wonderful!

Royal Blue (better depicted in the images below) is the frequency of light that helps the brain re-orient itself from left brain dominance to right brain dominance. It really is the #1 color ray we all need right now for overall balance!

Left brain dominance is mainly experienced as a reliance on analytical thinking, yet it can also reveal itself in other aspects of your life and manifest as over-activity, not enough rest and persistent headache tension and eye strain.

Right brain dominance reveals an attention to feelings, senses and intuition. Some of the benefits include, of course, trusting your "inner voice" and making decisions based on feelings as well as information and stats.

Can you imagine your head getting "over-heated?!" Well, consider the symptoms of a headache or eye strain as just that.
Maybe you even relate to being a "hot head?" Energetically, you then need a cooling ray to cool the heat. Royal Blue color energy offers just the fix.

How to get more of this important energy in your life?
Basic meditation on the color is the simplest way.

The most powerful way is to infuse your body with it.
The Color Aromas Royal Blue Chakra Oil is the best way because your skin is your largest organ (you massage it on your forehead to penetrate quickly and effectively into your circulatory system) and your sense of smell is your strongest sense! When you inhale the scent of color, you receive the healing benefit directly into the brain and nervous system.

Say the affirmations " I am Intuitive. I rely on my right brain to make decisions. I enjoy a relaxed mind. My eyes can relax now." while breathing in the
Royal Blue light!

Enjoy these meditative images: