Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Color Therapy in 2012!

Color is still everywhere in this New Year!

So, we've journeyed into a new year and we may all be feeling different with new resolutions and intentions set, but COLOR is still a constant ally to us, no matter what day, year, or decade we're in.  Now's your chance to tap into these wise vibrations of energy and light that are all around you offering their unique messages and energetic purposes.

Color, simply put, is energy.  And energy is frequency or vibration.  And YOU are energy.  All of your matter, is energy at its core, so where your own energy is vibrating is super important to your overall health and wellness.  When you are feeling happy, clear, at ease with yourself and others, your internal & external frequencies are in harmony.  When you are at ease, your body actually vibrates in a more harmonious way than when you are agitated or distressed.  You can liken it to the difference between angry hard loud discordant music and music that is mellow and soft and light.  Now, I'm not saying only mellow music is "good," merely demonstrating the difference as it relates to vibration/frequency/energy.

Since you are, at your core (and around you in your electromagnetic field) ENERGY, Color serves as a way to introduce yourself to the similar frequencies of light that your body being needs to maintain its natural harmony.  Each color of the rainbow (the visible light spectrum) offers its own particular frequency and "message" as I like to say, that mirrors that vibration.

Something I say in my courses is that "you can't make the color bright red soothe your nervous system" as well as, "you can't make the color pale blue energize your circulatory system."  That math simply does not add up!  The effect of bright red is energizing and the effect of pale blue is soothing.  This is due to the rate at which these light rays are vibrating.  So knowing this is a great help, because the particular color rays offer a selection of vibrations that we can pick and choose from based on what we need/want in any given day!  

Of course, we each have our own color preferences, but beyond that we can utilize the science of color energy to fill our own "prescription" of needed energy and light.
I created the Color Aromas as the most potent and lasting way to interact with color energy, as our sense of smell is our strongest sense.  When we smell the various scents of color, the energetic properties are immediately understood and received by the brain and nervous system. Plus, using essential oils is amazing as the molecules are quickly absorbed into the skin and to go to work bringing the body the therapeutic qualities of the color oils.

When I was a teenager, all I did was complain about my big nose!  Gosh, now it's my favorite feature as it allows me to enjoy the scents of nature's healing, the scents of the beauty of flowers and plants, and well, the scent of sunlight....the scent of color!

Hope you give yourself a chance to enjoy them, too!

Here's a simple guide to the messages of color and a way you can start relating to all the colors you see around you.  

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